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Artificial grass is the most efficient approach to create unique ecosystems on any surface. we break down each stage of our Artificial grass installation process so that the end result is great. When it comes to laying the lawn, our experts will offer you free advice whenever you need it. By adapting our services to your individual scenario, we dispel all of your uncertainties. From picking the appropriate grass to final installation, Imperial Grass can help you with every stage of the artificial grass installation process.

Our Artificial grass installation Step by step process includes:

Step 1 – protecting the ground

The first step is to inspect the layout of your property. Next, we design an access strategy. This plan will protect your yard from damage as the team works.

Step 2: Removing lawn and soil

Remove existing grass, earth, dirt, and sand to a suitable depth. This prep ensures your artificial grass installation is the perfect fit and height.

Step 3: Edging

There are two types of edging systems: steel and wooden edge. Your parameter gets edged only if necessary. We either use steel or wood to mark where your artificial grass will go to ensure accurate placement.

Step 4: Installing the membrane

The team puts down geotextile membrane sheets. These sheets prevent the growth of weeds and allow water to drain easily.

Step 5: Placing the MOT type one

First, we lay, compact, and level the sub-base with 70mm to 80mm of MOT type one aggregate. This layer provides a strong, durable, and even foundation. It enables a precise artificial grass installation.

Step 6: Placing granite dust

Lay, compact, and then level the top base with Granite dust. This layer of granite is at a depth of 25mm to create a durable drainage system. Once set, the area is intact and ready for artificial grass installation.

Step 7 Laying the artificial grass

Lay the artificial grass in the prepared area. Cut around to the specific perimeter right up to the edges. Bind the joints with durable glue and joining tape and tackle the grass in around the borders. When done, you will have a seamless finish.

Step 8 infill silica sand

The last stage is to spread silica sand evenly across the entire surface and brush in the opposite direction with an electric brush, lifting the artificial grass hair and distributing the sand evenly. Although filling the surface with silica sand improves the artificial grass's appearance of comfort by making footsteps more pleasant, it is an optional step. Following that, the fake grass surface would be washed and sprayed with a sanitizing scent, which keeps bacteria from growing and smells like freshly cut natural grass.

Step 9: Cleaning

The final stage is to clean up the space. Then we present it to you.

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