Driveway Installation

  1. Excavation to 200mm:
    • Start by excavating the area where the driveway will be installed to a depth of 200mm. This ensures a stable and durable foundation for the block paving.
  2. Placing Membrane:
    • Lay a weed-resistant membrane over the excavated area. This helps prevent weed growth and provides an additional layer of protection for the base.
  3. Placing Aggregates (Mot Type One and Sand):
    • Pour a layer of MOT Type One aggregate onto the membrane. This coarse, crushed stone serves as a solid and load-bearing foundation for the driveway. Compact the aggregate to create a stable surface.
    • Follow this with a layer of sharp sand, which provides a smooth and even bedding for the paving blocks. Again, compact the sand to ensure a firm base.
  4. Laying Marshal 50mm Bricks:
    • Begin laying the 50mm thick Marshal bricks in the desired pattern. Make sure to start from a fixed edge, like the house or a border, to maintain a straight and neat appearance.
    • Use a string line or level to ensure the bricks are laid evenly and at the correct height.
  5. Cutting Bricks for Edges and Corners:
    • Cut bricks as needed to fit the edges and corners of the driveway. This step is crucial for achieving a polished and professional finish.
  6. Compacting the Blocks:
    • Once all the bricks are laid, use a compactor to firmly press them into the sand bed. This helps to set the blocks in place and creates a stable surface.
  7. Jointing Sand:
    • Spread kiln-dried jointing sand over the laid bricks. Brush the sand into the joints between the blocks, filling any gaps and providing stability to the driveway.
  8. Final Compaction and Edging:
    • Compact the entire driveway once again to ensure a solid and even surface. Pay special attention to the edges to prevent any movement or displacement over time.
  9. Cleaning Up:
    • Clean the surface of the block paving from any excess sand or debris. This step contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal of the driveway.
  10. Sealing (Optional/additional cost):
    • Consider applying a sealer to enhance the color and protect the surface of the block paving. This step is optional but can contribute to the longevity and appearance of the driveway.
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